US Dollar Surge is Creating Opportunities

US Dollar Surge is Creating Opportunities

As the U.S. dollar accelerates upwards, investors interested in profiting from the greenback’s rise have several useful strategies they can employ. They can invest in U.S. companies that are major importers, foreign companies that are major exporters or a variety of funds that track the dollar.

Caution, however, should guide any investment. Currencies can fluctuate dramatically and can ruin the best laid plans of any company. Also, even if the dollar stays it course, currency valuations should make up only part of investment decisions.

Still, the upswing in the dollar can only be a good thing for major U.S. importers. It greatly enhances their ability to produce higher sales and profits and fatter margins.

The first beneficiaries that are likely to come to mind are retailers. They’re heavy importers and the shares of many of the companies in the industry have moved up with the dollar lately, but some stand out more than others. One is appropriately named Dollar Tree (DLTR) , while the other is TJX Cos. (TJX) .

Dollar Tree is the seventh-largest importer. It shares have galloped ahead of the S&P 500 with the rise in the dollar, but more importantly, it has beaten the index over any time frame by a wide margin, yet has a multiple that is barely above it.

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