Why Kyur

KYUR’s genesis is institutional money manager for Ultra High Net Worth families and institutions, such as university endowments and pension plans.

These investors employ seasoned executives and highly experienced experts in investment and financial planning to help them formulate strategies to invest in risky assets including stocks, hedge funds, and alternative investments to achieve superior return over the long-term, while taking measures to control their investment risks, to preserve capital even in poor market conditions.

They want to preserve their capital, no matter how risky their investments, while achieving their long-term goals.


The KYUR Approach

KYUR applies the same philosophy, approach and strategy to serve investors who might just begin to invest, as well as long-established institutions that students depend on for scholarships, retirees for pension, or HNW families seeking to grow their wealth for future generations.

KYUR is staffed by a seasoned team of experts trained at leading universities, with 100+ years of combined high-level experience in large investment firms serving institutional and HNW investors.

Driven by our PMO (Post Mean-Variance Optimization) discipline and quantitative algorithms, KYUR selects investments and constructs portfolio solutions that are customized to suit investor personal situations and risk- tolerances –to help achieve their long-term goals.

KYUR quantitatively measures your risk tolerances by the amounts and probabilities of capital losses to your investments that you are willing to tolerate, as well as your personal circumstances— not volatility as used in Mean-Variance Optimization, or characterizations like “conservative” or “aggressive” as in traditional ad hoc approaches.

PMO encapsulates better understandings of risk attitudes from behavioral finance and important innovations in risk measurement from advanced MPT-derived mathematics over the last two decades.

Managing the risks of your investments is paramount to KYUR

Applying these advanced innovations, PMO seeks to minimize/avoid bad investments (those with high risks of capital losses), help preserving investor capital. Over time, good investments accumulate and compound gains helping to achieve optimal returns.