Total Wealth Solutions

TOTAL WEALTH SOLUTIONS employ diverse strategies aiming at a diverse set of objectives:

  • Preservation of investor wealth;
  • Generation of streams of income and cash flows for investors to preserve their life styles and meet their plans on major expenses;
  • Optimization of investment returns commensurate with the investors’ financial requirements, legacy goals and loss tolerances;
  • Taking advantage of special opportunities to maximize returns on the dedicated assets.

TOTAL WEALTH SOLUTIONS constructs portfolios customized specific to each investor and may include:

  • ETFs to capture market exposures
  • Fixed income securities for income generation
  • Fixed income substitute investment strategies to enhance cash flows
  • Absolute return strategies to generate stable growth with minimal exposures to markets
  • Return maximizing strategies that seek high return within specified risk-of-capital-loss budgets
  • Alternative investments to achieve non-correlated excess return.

KYUR offers TOTAL WEALTH SOLUTIONS to Qualified investors.

If you are a Qualified Investor, please complete this form to obtain more information before investing.